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Mission Statement

From the owner - Michael Clementi

"There's nothing like creating something that makes someone else successful.  After I have spent 15 years in the sign industry on the selling side of the business, I wanted to start a company that focuses on delivering the best customer experience in the area by delivering on excellent communication, amazing print quality and print longevity."

About Me

I grew up in a family of 5 just outside of Buffalo, NY and moved to Florida in 1998.  As a University of Florida Graduate in Advertising/Communications, I've made my home here in Lakewood Ranch, FL with my wife Katie and 3 children.  We work live go to school and play here.  I'm proud of our community.  As a business owner I look forward to helping others like me find success through active messaging and strategy.  I'm a very laid back individual who loves to watch NFL and NHL games.  I won't say who I root for as to not create any immediate animosity.  All I will say is four straight superbowls... no ring.   My hope with this business is to provide for my family and perhaps even teach my son and daughters how to run the show if they want to take it over in the far future when I retire.    

What we do

Sunrise Printing will enable you to put your visions into realities.  By consulting, asking the right questions and listening to our clients, we are able to deliver high impact graphics and install them professionally keeping our clients busy schedules in mind.   Most installs are done before or after your day gets started/finished as to not impede your buys work day.  We focus on before, during and after communication as the means to provide you with the best customer experience in the local signage scene.  Our service areas range from Tampa to Port Charlotte.

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